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Ukutula Lodge

Known as the “place of quiet” the lodge is nestled in lush bushveld where the roar of the lion can be heard for miles around yet conveniently situated within an hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Ukutula is a game reserve that comprises 260 hectares of unspoiled bushveld boasting a variety of antelope species, including giraffe and zebra. Ukutula is also home to more than 130 different bird species. Ukutula Reserve is well-known worldwide for it's predator research, breeding and conservation programs. ... also ... #ResponsibleTourism #CommittedtoConservation #SaveBigCats #Ukutula #UCC
Ukutula Lodge
UKUTULA - Why we DO what we do!
Ukutula owner tells us WHAT Ukutula is doing and WHY ... - Sharing the Wonders of Wildlife to inspire Conservation, Research, Education and a Wildlife Ethic ...